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Studio Potters and Ceramic Artists - Canada  
Abi Lyon Wicke  ON   Ken Gangbar  ON
Ailsa Craig Village Pottery  ON   Keith Campbell  ON
Aird Pottery  ON   Kerslake Pottery  ON
Alexander Kastulin  ON   Kevin Ross  BC
Alexandra McCurdy  NS   Kimball Pottery  ON
Alexis Templeton Studio  NL    Kings Point Pottery  NL
Alice McLean  BC   Kingsmill Studio Pottery  BC
Allan Pace  ON   Kinishi Shigeno  BC
Allan Putterman Pottery  QC   L'Abbé Pottery  ON
Alva Miletti  QC   Lac La Blanche Pottery  QC
Anastasia Verpaelst  ON   La petite ecole du rang  QC
Andrew Tarrant  AB   La P'tite Poterie  NB
Anglin Bay Pottery  ON   Larry Aguilar  BC
Ann Mortimer  ON   Laurie Rolland  BC
Ann Roberts  ON  

Lebeau Porcelain  QC

Anne Chambers  ON   Lilach Lotan Pottery  BC
Anne Young  ON   Lin Xu   MB
Annie-Cécile Tremblay  QC   Linda Doherty  BC
Antje's Pottery  ON   Lindgren Pottery  ON
Artifacts in Clay  NS   Lisa Wai-Yant Li  QC
Art Petch Ceramics  ON   Little River Pottery  BC
Ash Creek Pottery  ON   Little Vase Shoppe  ON
Attainable Art  BC   Liz De Beer  BC
Becky Webster  ON   Louise Bousquet  QC
Beck's Pottery  BC   Louise Kim  ON
Bingham Pottery  ON   Louise Pentz  NS
Bill Boyd  BC   Luc Archambault  QC
Birdsall-Worthington Pottery  NS   Lucky Rabbit Pottery  NL
Black Dog Pottery  ON   Lynda Jones  BC
Bob Kingsmill  BC   Mahmoud Baghaeian  QC
Bonnie Anderson  BC   Marie Côté  QC
Breakaway Pottery  BC   Marc Courtemanche  SK
Brendan Tang  BC   Marie-France Carrière  QC
Brickworks Pottery  ON   Maripottery  BC
Bruce Flowers  ON   Mark Kelner  ON
Bruce Jones  ON   Marlene Bowman  BC
Bunny Safari  ON   Martine Therien  ON  
ByNanc  ON   Mary Fox  BC
Cambria Poterie  QC   Mary Tremayne  BC
Cara Gay Driscoll   SK   Maureen Marcotte  QC
Carol Badenoch ON   Maxwell Pottery  ON
Carolyn Bloomer ON   Melanie Mena  ON
Carolyn Filter ON   Melody Kozmeniuk  SK
Catfish Moon  NS   Melvyn Malkin Studio  SK
Catherine Auriol  QC   Michael Collins  ON
Cathi Jefferson  BC   Michael Flaherty  NL
Cathy Reeves  QC   Michelle Knight  QC
Capricorn Pottery  ON   Michelle Kosoy  ON
Celia Brandao  ON   Michelle Lauzé  QC
Celia Hirsch  ON   Michelle Mendlowitz  ON
Céline Bernard  QC   Miguel Deras Zapata  ON
Charley Farrero Ceramics   SK   Molly Limlei Yep  ON
Charlotte Glattstein  BC   Monique Duclos  NB
'Chosin Pottery  BC   Monique Mulder-Wallace  ON
Chris Snedden Pottery  ON   Moon Willow Studio BC
Cindy Anderson  BC   Mountain Path Studio  ON
Cindy Gibson  BC   Mud Sweat and Tears BC
Claude Morin  SK   Mudfire Studio  ON
Claude Savoie  QC   Mud Pies Pottery  QC
Clay Concepts Studio  ON   Nancy Blais  QC
Clay Impressions Pottery  PE   Nancy Farrell  ON
Clayfoot Crockery  BC   Nancy Solway  ON
Clayworks Pottery  NS   Nancy Wall  BC
Clément Hoeck  QC   Natalie Prevost-Mero  ON
Clive Tucker Ceramics  BC   Nicole Lemieux  QC
Colette Beardall  ON   Night & Day Studio  ON
Connie Glover  BC   Norm Wheeler  ON
Connie Pike  AB   Northport Pottery  ON
Cori Sandler Pottery  ON   Noureddine Djoudja  QC
Crimmins Pottery  NB   Pamela Rodger  AB
Cul De Sac Design  BC   Panacci Pottery  ON
Dahlhaus  BC   Parsons Dietrich Pottery  SK

Dan Hill Pottery  ON

  Pascale Girardin QC

Darren Emeneau  NB

  Pat Webber  BC

Daniel Martineau  QC

  Patricia Anderson  MB
Davara Studio  ON   Paul Stewart  ON
Dave The Potter  ON   Pauline Pelletier  QC
David McKenzie  QC   Pavel Charousek  ON
Dawn Petticrew Ceramics  ON   Peace of Earth Pottery  ON
Dayna Wagner  ON   Peta Hall  ON
Debra Sloan   BC   Peter Jankowski  BC
Delectile  NS   Peter Powning  NB
Delvalle  ON   Philip Samuel Black  ON

Denyse Simair SK

  Phillips Pottery  BC
Denys James   BC   Pia Sillem  BC
Derek Moore   BC   Pine Branch Pottery  BC
Dianne Young   BC   Pine Ridge Studio  ON

Don Dubois  ON

  Pinecroft Pottery  ON
Donn Zver Pottery  ON   Poterie Hatley  QC
Donna Partridge   BC   Poterie du Lac la Blanche  QC
Dori Luthy Ceramics   BC   Pottery By Ben  ON
Dotti Potts  ON   Practically Potty Studio  ON
Dove Pottery  NL   Prairie Pottery SK
Earth and Fire Pottery  ON   Priska Stabel  BC
Earth n' Fire Pottery Works  AB   Proletarian Pots  BC
Earthen Vessels Pottery  BC   Purple Feet Studio  BC
Earthen Vessels Pottery  ON   Quasimodo Pottery  BC
Earthworks Pottery  ON   Quintessential Clay  ON
Edouard Bastarache  QC   Rachel Coward  BC
Elaine Brewer-White   BC   Raymond Warren  QC
Elora Pottery  ON   Rachelle Chinnery  BC
English Liliy Designs  ON   Red Hot Pots  AB
Erika Ferrarin  ON    Reid Flock  ON
Erwin Pottery  ON   Regina Coupar  NS
Escarpment Pottery Studio  ON   Renata Podlog Pottery  ON
Filipa Pimentel  ON   Renée Gagnon  QC
Fired Earth Custom Tile  ON   Richard Fisher  ON

Florence Chik-Lau  ON

  Richard Skrobecki  ON
Fog Run Studio  ON   Rickie Woods  ON
France Fauteux  QC   Riverstone Studio  ON
Gabrielle Kauffman  ON   Rivertile  ON
Gail West  ON   Rockcliffe Pottery  ON
Gangnier-Ross Pottery  ON   Rod Simair SK
Gari Whelon   BC   Ron Douglas BC
Gene Timpany  ON   Ron & Rusty Kurenda  SK
George Dragomir Turia  ON   Ron Pothier  QC
Ghita Levin Pottery  NB   Ron Roy  ON
Gilbert Gauthier  QC   Ronna Mink  ON
Gilles Belley  QC   Rosario Umana  ON
Gilmer Clayworks  ON   Ruth Chambers  AB
Gino Cavicchioli  ON   Ruth Pallek (Metal Mud)  ON
Gise Trauttmansdorff  ON   Salamander Studio BC
Gleasonbrook Pottery  ON   Sandra Marshall  ON
Glen Dunning  ON   Sandra Dolph BC
Gordon Hutchens  BC   Sarah Link  ON
Greendale Pottery  BC   Selfridge Ceramic Art  AB
Greg Payce  AB   Shana Salaff  ON, CA
Greig Pottery  NB     Shane McNutt  ON
Harriet Hiemstra  BC    Shane Norrie  ON
Harlan House  ON    Shanie Stozek Pottery  NB
Hawkins Pottery Studio  PE   Shannon Butler  BC
Heaven In Earth Pottery  BC    Sheila Morissette  BC
Helen Ormiston Smith  BC    Shirley Clifford  ON
HiDe Ebina  BC    Sorrento Stoneware  BC
Hilborn Pottery Design  ON   Sour Cherry Pottery  ON
Hirsh Pottery  ON   Spirited Clay  ON
Hsiao Chen Peng  BC    Stephen Booth  BC
Ian Nattrass  BC    Stephen Grimmer  MB
Iraj Dashti  BC    Steve Heinemann  ON  
Iris Dorton Pottery  ON   Steve Irvine  ON 
Jackie Frioud  BC   Stillpoint Pottery  BC
Jackie Seaton - Empty Bowls  ON   Stonehouse Pottery  ON
Jacqueline Jamieson  ON   Stonethrow Pottery  ON
Jako Boulanger  QC   Sue's Studio Pottery  ON
James Pottery  BC       Sundby Art & Tile  BC

Jane Hill Pottery  ON

  Sunspots Pottery  ON
Jane Wolters  BC    Susan Card  ON
Janet Doble Pottery  NS   Susan Delatour Lepoidevin  BC
Janet Holson-Mazzer  ON   Susan Low-Beer  ON
Janice Ditner  ON   Susan Marczac  BC
Janna Burford Pottery  ON   Susan Robertson  SK
Janus  ON   Susan Savill Pottery  AB
Jasna Sokolovic  BC    Susan Weaver  QC
Jen Mizuik  AB   Suzanne Babineau  NB
Jennifer Graham  ON   Suzy Birstein  BC
Jeremy Hatch  BC   

Sylvia Ohrn  BC

Jim Gunson  BC    Tania Love ON
Jim Hong Louie  ON   Tanis Saxby  BC
Jim Smith  NS  

Tara Lynne Franco ON

Jim Speers Pottery  AB   Terry Osborne Potter  ON
Jinny Whitehead  BC    The Dunes  PE
Jean Thomson  QC   The Raging Bowl  ON
Joan Bruneau  NS   Timothy Smith  ON
Jocelyn De Backere  ON   Toad Hill Pottery  ON
Jodi Swanson  AB   Tracy McEwen Pottery  ON
John Cloutier  BC    Tracy Harrison  BC
Jon Partridge Pottery  ON   Trudy Golley  AB
Jordan Van Sewell  MB   Uhlick Pottery & Tile  AB
José Drouin  QC   Verdant Tile Co.  ON
Joseph (Chiang) Clay Arts  BC    Victor Cicansky  SK
Joy Olsen  SK   Village Pottery  PE
Judy Blake Pottery  NB   Vincent Lafortune  QC
Judy Weeden  BC    Vincent Massey Pottery  BC 
Julie Moon  ON   Wellington Pottery & Mosaic  ON
Just Earth Pottery  BC    Wendy Johnston Pottery  NB
Kaddatz Artz Pottery  BC    Wendy Walgate  ON
Kaolin Designs  ON   Westcote Bell Pottery  NS
Karen Franzen  ON   Wild Rose Pottery  MB
Kasumi Lampitoc  ON   Wildfire Pottery  NS
Kate McLaren  ON   Wildrice Studio  BC 
Kathleen Murphy  BC   

Wilton Pottery  ON

Kathryn Gibson O'Regan  BC   

Winnie Tam Design  ON

Kawartha Wilds Pottery  ON   YarOn Stern BC
Kay Austen  BC   

Zhana Nedelcheva BC 

    Zsuzsa Monostory  ON
Potters, sculptors, clayworkers: We want to add your website to our listing! To request a link, e-mail us, typing "link" in the subject line.
Studio Potters and Ceramic Artists - International
Brenda Ludington  Turks & Caicos Islands    
Canadian Guilds, Co-ops 
The Almonte Guild of Potters   London Potters Guild
Arrowsmith Potters Guild   Mississauga Potters Guild
Baie d'Urfé Potters Guild   Nanaimo Pottery Co-Op
Brantford Potters Guild   Northumberland Potters
Potters Guild of British Columbia   Nova Scotia Potters Guild
Burlington Potters Guild   Oakville Art Society
Burlington Sculptors & Woodcarvers   The Okanagan Potters Association
Burnaby Potters' Guild   Ottawa Guild of Potters
Cariboo Potters Guild   The Owen Sound Artists' Co-op
Claycrafters (Pointe-Claire)   Pine Tree Potter's Guild
Credit Valley Artisans   The Potter's Studio
Dorval Potter's Guild   Prince George Potters' Guild
Durham Potters' Guild   Saltspring Potters Guild
Fort McMurray Potter's Guild   Sarnia Lambton Potters' Guild
Fraser Valley Potters' Guild   Saskatoon Potters Guild
Gladstone Clayworks Pottery Co-op   South Vancouver Island Potters' Guild
Hamilton Potters Guild   Summerland Potters Guild
Hill Potters' Guild   Thompson Valley Potters' Guild
Kamloops Arts & Crafts Club   Toronto Potters
Kawartha Potters Guild   The Yellowknife Guild of Arts & Crafts
Kingston Potters' Guild   Waterloo Potters' Workshop
To include your guild in our listing e-mail us, typing "link" in the subject line. We also post guild newsletters.
Craft & Professional Organizations 
The Canadian Craft Federation   Fusion

Conseil des métiers d'art du Québec

  Ontario Crafts Council
Alberta Craft Council   Craft Council of Labrador & Nfld
Crafts Association of British Columbia   New Brunswick Crafts Council
Manitoba Crafts Council   Saskatchewan Craft Council
Nova Scotia Designer Crafts Council   Sask Terra
PEI Crafts Council   American Ceramic Society
Glass Art Society    
Sheridan Ceramics (Sheridan College)   Ontario College of Art & Design
Nova Scotia College of Art and Design   Mohawk College
Lakehead University   University of Regina
Canadore College   University of Manitoba
Dundas Valley School of Art   Brandon University  Cone 6 Ceramics Club
Centre de ceramique Bonsecours    Sir Sandford Fleming College's
Visual Arts Centre         Haliburton School of the Arts
Metchosin Int'l Summer School of the Arts     New Brunswick College of Craft & Design
Alberta College of Art & Design    St. Lawrence College, Brockville
Alfred University  (NY)   The Banff Centre

North Island College (Pro. Potter Adv. Diploma)

  The Living Art Centre
Pinecroft Centre For The Arts    
Other Teaching Studios
Poterie de Port-au-Percil   Crackpot Studios
Tulipe Studios   TIJA Ceramic Studio
Museums, Galleries
Canadian Clay & Glass Gallery   The Gardiner Museum
Burlington Art Centre   Harbourfront Centre
The Matchbox Gallery (Nunavut)   Virtual Museum
Gallery 78   Harbinger Gallery
Jonathon's   The Art Ark Gallery
The Potter's Place   Vida Vida Art Gallery
Ceramic Suppliers
Orton   Plainsman Clays
Mason Color   Johnson Matthey
Eurotherm   Tara Productions (pottery videos)
Ipsen Ceramics   Ward Burners
Laguna Clay Company   Decal Craft
Chrysanthos Color Company Ltd   Instar Decals (free photo posting)
Health and Safety Information
Smart.Conseil   PSH MSDS's
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Clayart Archives   1001 Pots 
Ceramics Today   Empty Bowls 
Warm Glass   Medalta
Orton Int'l Cone Box Show (ceramic activities in Canada)   Lakeside Pottery "Tips"

    Emporium Vitreum (Enameling Supplies)

  Studio Ceramics Canada
Ceramic Dictionary   Potsey  (Canadian Pottery Buy & Sell))

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