Euclid offers a wide range of kilns for glass fusing and texturing. Construction materials include fibreboard, insulating firebrick and ceramic fibre modules. Fibre module construction allows for unlimited size for large scale operations. Heating elements are supported on or in tubes, away from the insulation, to provide optimum radiation. Balanced heat from roof and sides (and floor, if required) and multi-zone control provide even heating over the entire area. Many different configurations are available - vertical lift (lid and/or body), hinged lid or body - to suit individual requirements.  

Hinged Lid Kiln


Clam Shell Kiln      

144" x 60" Vertical Lift Kiln   Largest built so far: 168" x 86"

About Euclid vertical lift kilns: The fiber module construction uses ceramic fiber modules in the roof and sides, with coiled wire heating elements supported in quartz tubes. The fiber walls can be 3" or 4" thick (4" gives a little cooler shell, while 3" gives a little faster cooling capability). The floor is 2.5" insulating firebrick with 1" board backup. Ceramic fiber is lightweight, which reduces the kiln weight, and also improves the cost efficiency of firings - there isnít as much weight of insulation to be heated. The low-density lining also cools quickly, giving optimum control over cooling. This construction is also very resistant to damage from thermal expansion, and from vibration, which can be a hazard in shipping.

The frame is welded tubular and angle steel, giving excellent overall rigidity and strength. The roof and the sides are controlled as two zones for optimum heat distribution. The floor can be heated and controlled as a third zone. The lid can lift off or hinge, or the lid and walls lift as a unit (bell style). The bed can be fixed (wheels on the gantry) or on wheels (to roll on the floor or on track). Vent/peepholes are included, for viewing and for extra cooling (quartz windows are also available). We can provide roof vents, operated manually or automatically. We can provide equipment or information for forced cooling systems (to speed cooling below the annealing range). We also have in-house experience with glass processing and can provide materials and assistance for mold making.

Kilns are usually quoted with a programmable controller and an overtemp safety control. We can supply without lifting apparatus for bell kilns, or quote a modified vehicle lift. Hinged kilns include gas springs to assist with lifting