F16RX     16 1/4" diameter x 1/2 round  cordierite kiln shelf - perfect for raku! High cordierite kiln furniture expands and contracts  less than standard furniture so it can withstand the stress caused by uneven heat exposure better. (our regular kiln shelves are composed of cordierite-mullite necessary to maintain dimensional stability at cone 10+).

This oversized cordierite shelf ( ~10% more surface area than a regular 15 1/2" shelf) can also be used in regular electric kilns up to 1280C (2336F) but for regular use,

we recommend a maximum of cone 6 to avoid

having to flip them regularly to keep them flat.



  TRK45   Raku Tongs   31.5" long,  6-tooth jaws angled at 45 degrees  $20
TRK37   Raku Tongs   39" long, smooth, jaws angled at 37 degrees $20

Talisman Raku Tongs    They're back!


TRKRL   4" round jaw with 1.5" pincer. $44.95
TRKRS   3.5" wide x 2.5"  oval  jaw with 1.5" pincer. $44.95
TRKVL   4" wide spade jaw w/ 1.5" pincer. $44.95
TRKVS   2.25" wide spade  jaw with 1.5" pincer. $44.95
OTYGE    Heavy terry glove for unloading warm kilns.  Good finger  dexterity  $6
OZXMT   Zetex glass fabric mitt for short term exposure up to 1000 F; fair durability; poor dexterity. $75.00
OKRGE   Our most popular raku glove. Kevlar - very long wearing, good dexterity, good heat protection. $55.00
OHDGE   New! A very comfortable, lined, leather raku glove combining excellent dexterity with good heat protection. $30
OBPIG   PBI fibre raku glove for short term exposure up to 1100 F;  good wearing; good dexterity. $135.00

Raku Kiln Building

                Firebrick & fibre blanket                                   Nichrome wire                               Sheba & PSH rakus