VPM-9 Power Wedger:    

The original clay mixing pugmill

Batch mix any combination of wet, dry, greenware, slip, slop, powder and scrap. Recycle without slaking, wedging, or constant force feeding. The VPM-9 features:

Auto safety shut-off
5.25" x 5.25" hopper, 3" round extrusion
Wet & dry scrap mixing up to 11 kg
Mixing up to 68 kg /hour
Hands-free pugging, up to 227 kg/hour
1/16 hp vacuum pump , 3 A at 120 V
3/4 hp main motor, 8 A at 120 V
14" H x 14" W x 36" L,   130 lbs.  Special Price:  $3995               Peter Pugger Website
Variable Speed motor control included
VPM-9SS Power Wedger: Same features as the VPM-9 but with stainless steel shaft, augers, paddles and mixing chamber. Recommended for those who work in porcelain to prevent corrosion contamination. Special Price: $4995