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Slab Roller For Sale  Aug. 18, 2014



Bailey's DRD/II 24G Slab Roller with long 6 ft. table and round wheel. Professional "One Pass Slabbing". Includes new, unused canvas. Less than one year old and used only 3 times.  Paid over $1700.00. Asking $900.00.

Call: Deborah 416-277-6974 or email:




Table Top Potter's Wheel Wanted  July 2, 2014


Wanted, tabletop pottery wheel to use for demos for children's groups.

Please contact Cathy at,




Posts For Sale  June 26, 2014



Large, new/unused, high temperature kiln posts. Length: 17 5/8" , Diameter: 2 1/2". Posts are shown beside standard 6" posts for comparison. Can be cut easily with a diamond blade or I can cut to size for $1/cut. Rescued from a factory, hundreds available. Price: $3/each.

Call: Paul 519-362-8525 or email




Molds For Sale  June 24, 2014

We have 400 molds available for sale. They are worth between $6.00 - $20.00 but willing to sell off at 4.00 each. For more information, call Jennifer at 705-828-7760 or e-mail:




Throwing Bats Wanted  June 24, 2014


I am looking for bunch of throwing bats in a variety of sizes.  Please contact if you have any for sale.




Kiln For Sale  June 20, 2014



Evenheat model 4320lt kiln with stand. 17.5 inside dimension, 208/240 v  $499.00 excellent condition call joe at 905 655 9693



Kiln For Sale  June 17, 2014




Econo-Kiln. Three sections. 23 " wide , 26 " deep , 220 volts .12 years old. Used 5 times. Extra parts.

$150.  Call Ted at  905-821-0170.




Raku Kiln For Sale  June 11, 2014




Steel frame; swinging, frame-mounted door; 16.5" w x 24" h opening; 19.5" w x 27" h x 18" d chamber; 2 propane burners; pressure gauge; electric shut-off valve; ventilation hood; electric fan; exhaust pipes; 3 small propane tanks with valve manifold and all necessary propane piping.

Plus: 3" x 9" (14) and 2.5" x 9" (28) insulating fire brick; 5 pairs raku tongs, 2 heat resistant jackets; 1 heat resistant apron; 1 pr heat resistant raku gloves; 3 pairs long leather welders gloves; numerous reduction bins and materials; welders full face mask; small quantity raku glazes; small amount of silver nitrate.  $2500 for everything. Contact Leona Blake (Beeton area) at 905-729-4091 for more information.




Spray Booth For Sale  May 27, 2014




Amaco Spray booth for sale with table, custom duct work, and new motor and fan assembly.

Chamber 20" x 20" x 20". Total depth of booth 31".

Asking $270.00

Email:  Tel # 705-932-5545




Spray Booth For Sale  May 22, 2014





30" deep 24" high and 24 1/2" wide  $450   Contact:




Home, Studio & Gallery For Sale  Apr. 21, 2014


We are retiring and selling our home, studio and gallery. Our studio could accommodate up to 4 potters. Interested potters should visit our web site at  to find out more about our place.

Diane Creber and Tim De Rose

239 Simmons Road, RR 2

Odessa, ON K0H 2H0

613 386-3400




Work Table, Display Furniture For Sale  Apr. 15, 2014




Solid Work Table

Worktable (surface + lower storage level approx. 86"x50"x31"):  $200.00

Pine Display Cabinets, 4 Pieces with Interior Shelving. Pottery not included:  $300.00





Euclid Glass Kiln For Sale  Sept. 13, 2013




CST-286Q, new $6,940, sale 10% off $6,246

52" x 28" x 12" hinged lid, 240V, 1ph, 48A

Call Jeremy at PSH for details: 1-800-465-8544 ext.229 or e-mail:




Euclid Glass Kiln For Sale  Sept. 13, 2013




CST-354Q, new $8,760, sale 10% off $7,884

60" x 40" x 9" clamshell, 208V, 3ph, 46A

Call Jeremy at PSH for details: 1-800-465-8544 ext.229 or e-mail: